State of the server

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State of the server

Post  Byrd on Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:37 am

In case you haven't noticed, Platelamp (Owner) and Chimneysocks (Admin) haven't been paying any attention to the server recently.
Donsweenioli, KnowinglyUnknown, and I are the only Mods on the server; however, KnowinglyUnknown is of unknown location and business (haven't heard from him in a month), and I am currently stuck in an illegal position and can't log in until Platelamp fixes it. Therefore, Donsweenioli is pretty much running the server by himself right now, other players you should direct your questions to include Noves_Cosha and Lite_Fallz.

The only way for people to be set to member status is by Platelamp or Chimneysocks, so I apologize dearly for all of those having to wait due to incompetence on the Admins' parts.

Please feel free to leave your questions and concerns here or anywhere else in the forum, I check the site multiple times a day and will gladly answer anything that I can.

Thank You for your patience, and feel free to wait around for the Admins to become active again.

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